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    • High school or higher education level
    • At least 18 years of age
    • Read and write English
  • Step 1

    Pass the International Certification Examination for Alcohol & Other Drug Use Counselors - Peer Recovery written exam

  • Step 2

    Complete 500 hours of paid or volunteer work experience

    • Complete at least 500 hours
  • Step 3

    Complete 46 Hours of Education in the 4 Domains

    • Complete 46 hours of courses in the following domains: Advocacy; Ethical Responsibility; Mentoring and Education; Recovery and Wellness Support
    • Must Include: 16 Hours Ethics/Confidentiality 6 Hours HIV/AIDS 6 Hours Suicide Prevention
      Find trainings
  • Step 4

    Apply for CRSW Certification

  • Earn Recovery Support Worker Certification

    • Finish

Become a Certified Recovery Support Worker

We're going to ask you a few questions to provide you with all the resources you need to start you on your path to certification.

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